What is the purpose of this website? This blog records the investigatory work of Garson O’Toole who diligently seeks the truth about quotations. Who really said what? This question often cannot be answered with complete finality, but approximate solutions can be iteratively improved over time.

Who uses this website? Articles on the Quote Investigator website have been cited by journalists and writers at The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Economist, The Washington Post, Slate, The Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Real Clear Politics, The Jacksonville Times-Union, A Way With Words (Public Radio Program), ABC Television News, ABC (Australia), and more.

People are sharing what they have discovered on the website via multiple social media channels including: Twitter, Reddit, Google+, YCombinator News, Quora, StumbleUpon, FaceBook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Slashdot, and Metafilter.

Can you give some examples of media coverage that references QI research? Many examples are presented on the webpage about “Media Coverage”. Click here to visit the page.

Will you answer my quotation question? QI greatly enjoys receiving requests from website visitors, and he has been able to help many people.However, QI is unable to research all queries because there are far too many, and a single quotation may require hours of research time. QI maintains more than one thousand open files representing partial investigations many of which are ongoing. New requests arrive every day. Nevertheless, your request might jump to the top of the queue. The contact address to send your request is given further below.

Where do the questions come from? Most questions are written or rewritten by QI. Many questions are based on queries from the general public received via email. In addition, some questions are from face-to-face encounters between QI and inquisitive friends and family members. Also, many questions are constructed from scratch by QI for entertainment purposes.

What is Dr O’Toole’s background? Garson O’Toole has a doctorate from Yale University, and exploring quotations is one of his avocations.

How do I contact Garson O’Toole? To send an email message to “garson o toole”. Delete the spaces in the moniker given and use the gmail domain.